There is a drastic changeover in the way people shop. Bricks and mortar stores will no longer suffice and you are inevitable to have a concrete online presence - be it localized or globalized business. In fact, if you trust reports, more than 50% of shopping are done online.

So, as you expand your online presence, the customer base grows and in turn maintaining a personalized, connective relationship with them tends to get more challenging. Here is where SalesBoost CRM waves in. We help your business grow in leaps and bounds and reap better profits and improve work efficiency in multiple ways as listed below. Run down the quick list:

Personalized interactions

On SalesBoost Retail CRM, your retail customers and their data including contact numbers, social media profile, pictures, shopping history, shopping trait, customer behavior, etc. can be kept track of. With these consolidated information, you can understand your customers better and give them handpicked choices and recommendations as and when needed.

Efficient Order Management System

Orders and requests raised through multiple means like shopping portal, mails, personal messages, etc. can be fed directly onto the SalesBoost Retail CRM. This can serve you as an easily manageable database of pending assignments using which you can track sales process and analyze results. If the volume of customers is more, it is even better, as you can use the import features to get this done.

Loyalty Program

Increase customer retention with worthy loyalty programs. While it is impossible to manually remember all the customers and their details, it is absolutely easy for the Retail CRM to take over the job! On special days like Birthdays, festival days, first day of their shopping, etc., you may roll out exclusive offers, discounts or freebies and orchestrate a stable clientele.

Enhanced Customer Support

It’s simple – whenever there is a query/request, you will be instantly updated on the CRM, using the Web-API. With the respective customer’s personal and shopping-related information already available against each of their profile, it becomes uber-convenient to attend to the new requests that pop up.

Targeted Marketing

Rather than grouping all under one roof and sending unanimous promotions to everyone in the contact list, segregate your customers based on their age, shopping history, location, gender, etc. The Retail CRM facilitates you to do it in an organized, hassle-free manner so that you can share mailers, wishes, promotional messages and announcements that cater to the individual customers’ needs and interests.