Why is it called as Sales CRM

In Sales, leads, followup and quotes are very essential to conversion. Hence SalesBoost acts as a sales CRM to bridge these functionalities to enable better sales conversions.

What are the minimum system requirements
To operate SalesBoost on a PC or Laptop, the minimum system requirement is to have an operational internet connection and a web browser, preferably Google chrome or Mozilla To operate SalesBoost on iOS or Android, you can download the respective apps on App Store or Play Store
How much does SalesBoost Cost?
Salesboost has pricing plans based on the number of users, We do not restrict the features based on the amount paid, But we give full power to all users, So we have single pricing structure. Based on the number of users and tenure of usage, The pricing is packaged. Contact us to know more.
How secured is my Data

The sales CRM data on your account is encrypted and is accessible only with your corp code and user credentials. It is as secured as you trust other day-to-day applications like google. As an added security layer all operations are stored and accessed from reputed amazon AWS servers.

What is the minimum tenure for which SalesBoost can be used for
SalesBoost is provided as SAAS (Software as a Service) and hence it can be purchased as a subscription package. Post using the trial period, the software can be purchased to be used for as low as six months. But it is recommended to purchase annual plans for maximum benefit.
What is the billing cycle of SalesBoost

As a Sales CRM, we understand users can be added anytime and so the billing for the specific user or a set of users is calculated based on the date of creation. On validity expiry the data will be retained in the server on renewal the account can be fully accessed.

How to move from a trial account to a live account

To move your sales CRM account to a live account, you will need to pay for your choice of tenure and users. This is processed as a commercial order with GST. You can choose to pay online or offline.

To know more details on the same contact our sales or support representative.

On Expiry of my validity how is my access renewed

On expiry of your SalesBoost account validity, your access to the application is revoked, you will be able to login into your account to view the data and process renewal, but all detailed operations and reports will only be accessible on an active validity.

In case of expiry, contact our sales or support representative to renew your account. On renewal your access will be restored instantly.

What happens to my data if it is not renewed

Your Sales CRM data is safely stored in our secured and encrypted database for a period of 6 months. Post which the inactive account data on our servers are automatically purged. Since the datas are rightful to their respective owners, we do not keep any inactive data backup.

Can I send Bulk mails or Bulk SMS from the sales CRM

No. We strongly advise against spamming or any bulk campaigning activity. As it heavily reduces the probability of sales conversions.

If I have 2 companies can I use them on a single account

No. A single account is tied specific to a single company name and corporate id. So a only one set of company information can be maintained in one account for followup and quotes.

If two companies needs to be handled, two or more separate accounts can be created with unique details as per requirement.

Can I use SalesBoost CRM on mobile

SalesBoost application is a web application which has dedicated native apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

The web application can even be opened on a mobile browser, but for full features, best performance and optimised view, it is suggested to use the application on the desktop/laptop web browser

Is any customisation to the sales CRM provided

Generic customisation to the company is not provided. But if any feature addition will be beneficial to all the accounts of SalesBoost, it will be considered for future enhancements. The team queues up the request and process them on their updates cycle.

Can SalesBoost be used for my Services
Yes. Salesboost although a sales CRM is developed in a neutral way that it can be used for all services industries, to know more visit the applications area section specified on our home page
I am using a different CRM application, can I import my data into SalesBoost

Yes. Any CRM application will provide an option to export the user data, this data can be used into our import templates and imported into your new SalesBoost account.

Will training to my team be provided to use SalesBoost

Yes. On your request we will arrange for a training session to use SalesBoost, either online or at our office premises.

How support will be provided

We provide dedicated support on reaching out to us. Our representative will call you over phone, guide you and provide support over remote access.

Is SalesBoost related to JBCRM?
SalesBoost is a separate product and an improved version of JBCRM, It explores further with User Statistics, Market research and a sales consultation platform. It starts as a simple tool for your followup activity, As you start using it fully you will get added suggestions and improvement areas to enhance your conversions.