What is SalesBoost

Salesboost is a simple and effective Marketing Follow-up System, much needed for any business. The concept and flow of the application is derived from a proven model that had worked for many successful businesses, including JB Soft System; So our team has polished our work flows and have packaged it as a tool that will be helpful for all businesses.

salesboostOur vision is to enable all businesses to prosper with sales, we aim to maximise their efforts with simple solutions, that will generate great results.

The DNA of the application is to ensure simplicity in usage while maintaining effectiveness in its purpose. The core of the system is in the usage methodology than the tool, when efficiently used, it is bound to generate results.

This cloud application is built as a cost-effective product, served on SaaS model and hence you will not have to worry about hosting, maintenance and implementation charges.

We are continuously researching and updating methodologies that will help in improving your sales conversions. All our updates areĀ  provided for free.

Why SalesBoost

There are a list of features that explains why SalesBoost is the right tool for your sales improvement;
Here are some of the reason why you should use it:

  • User friendly application. Built for today's world
  • No software, hardware requirement, you can get started in 10 mins with internet access
  • Mobile applications, to access your Salesboost on the go
  • Easy and efficient salesforce management
  • Every single lead is tracked
  • Regular improvements to the app based on our market understanding
  • Sales and business improvement tips from our expert consultants