Real Estate businesses involve a lot of tedious processes involving large volume of money, legal formalities, customer enquiries, data updates and more. With the use of Sales Boost CRM, you can get them all done with least efforts and on-time.

Manage leads

Real Estate Businesses tend to produce leads through multiple sources such as website, social media, blogs, sphere of influence, word of mouth, referrals, returning customers, and many more. With an effective Real Estate CRM as Sales Boost, you can correlate all such leads at one point. It can serve you as a go-to solution to access your leads through various channels - smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet or others.

Prompt follow-up

Real Estate businesses come with large turnover and fewer leads as compared to other kinds of businesses that experience the vice-versa.  You certainly cannot miss out on any lead, especially in real estate business involving bulk, fat
turnover. Make prompt responses, follow-ups and keep the communication on using our Sales Boost Real Estate CRM that can constantly aid you in every business move.

Stay in touch with your loyal customers

Real Estate is a market where trusted players will win - and this is possible through references. Think and get back to your past customers from time to time, and do not miss out on any referral projects that they may generate for you. Keep in touch with effective communication tool - Sales Boost.

Prompt Functioning

Get reminders about appointments, due assignments, send mails and do a lot more with Sales Boost CRM. Say, a mail wishing your client for his new home Anniversary is to be sent, worry not - Sales Boost will prompt you to wish him good luck prior to the day – simple!

Ease of management

There is no chance of work duplicacy, missed assignments or meetings. With Sales Boost CRM, you can manage your tasks, employee performance and schedule, and daily reports are generated.


Keep track of payments received or made, reminders about lease due, expiry, rental agreements, etc. so that you can take timely initiatives to get the job done.