Medical CRM from SalesBoost caters to the needs of Hospitals, Clinics, Chain of Hospitals, individual practitioners, and pharmacies. Here is what you can achieve with the software!

Patient Engagement and Loyalty

SalesBoost Medical CRM allows you to easily send messages and mails to patients or prospects being followed for treatments . This can be of any kind ranging from follow-up communication, reminders, post-discharge alerts, payment reminders, or personalized messages. With these, the patients will connect with your hospital, doctors and staffs with a more personal touch than just being among the anonymous list of visitors.

Run marketing campaigns

You can organize marketing campaigns and systematically review the performance in real-time. Constantly monitor the campaigns and get to know which ones work and convert and which ones don’t.

Patient Records

Keep track of all your patient records including name, contact number, address, primary caretaker, patient reports etc. It largely helps during follow-up visits and emergency crisis situations.

Ease of access to blood banks

Reach out for help to blood banks and blood donors and organ donors at crisis situations, by handling their data within the medical CRM. Sales Boost enables easy and quick communication between you and the prospective donor. With all the contact details, donor details and
availability saved under one roof, it is largely helpful when need arises.

Lab management

Communicate via Sales Boost CRM to know updates and status on processing lab reports. Technicians find it really helpful in carrying out laboratory works, processing and status update with utmost ease. With these, Sales Boost Medical CRM is definitely a promising solution to ensure hassle-free administration of hospitals and clinics.