Right from banking to insurance to wealth management, Sales Boost CRM aids Finance businesses excel in their customer service, improve customer retention and collaboratively work in the front, middle and back offices. With our comprehensively built CRM software, you are guaranteed for excellence in customer relationship.

Check out how we aid your business:

Banking Sector

The frontline employees in banking sector – be it personal banking or commercial banking - can constantly update every interaction made with the customers even while on the go. It is also convenient to integrate middle and back office systems including KYC, risk management, MDM, etc. The CRM follows granular data sharing, thus extending improved security features.

Capital Market

Capital Markets involve huge deals and paper works that are confidential and involve scrutiniznig procedures. Worry not - with Sales Boost Finance CRM, you have a legitimate tool in hand to store and manage data of your customers and accounts using which you can quickly respond to, and act on their requests by extending topnotch customer service.

Wealth Management

Offer more personalized and clear solution to customer needs and problems. Customer portfolio maintained on the Finance CRM can be directly integrated with finance planning and suitable guidance be offered as need arises. The convenience of communicating with customers through chat, mails and phone calls and SMS helps you in getting into a better customer relationship where you understand their personal needs and difficulties, and their personal background and household. It ultimately helps you decide on the deserving loan amount and authenticity in repayment.

The quote option in it enables you to provide quick quotes to your prospects with ease, which makes this a convenient Finance CRM.


Insurance companies get optimum utility of the CRM tool. The insurance agents get prompted about insurance due dates. And the premium calculation and expiry are automatically alerted. This helps in keeping the customers informed whenever needed, and attending to their doubts also becomes an easy job. Reminder messages, payment confirmation messages and mails can be sent through the CRM software and this shall help in constantly keeping track of the progress.