When it comes to Facilities industry, almost all the time, customers come in a hurry, looking forward to immediate response and quick services. And when you win their heart with instantaneous replies, you're sure to be on their wishlist. Achieve this using SalesBoost Facilities CRM. The big question HOW gets answered below:

Respond in a jiffy

Facilities CRM tends to serve you as a mobile tool to respond to your customers from anywhere and everywhere. The hurried customer will be pleased and cooled when they get quick, responsible replies when it's high time for them. Having made the CRM tool functional across devices like desktop, mobile, laptop, tablet and more, it's convenient for handle on the go.

Service Alerts and Reminders

Excel in providing Annual Maintenance Services as we prompt you at regular time intervals about your maintenance or servicing due so that you don't miss any appointment. On-time servicing directly boosts your rating among customers.

Serve with the Blend of Personal Touch

Make your services more personal and close to heart for your customers by choosing to maintain a complete database of each and every customer from day one. This also helps in customer retention. Imagine a customer Mr. X who benefited out of your services two years ago knocks back for a service yet again, and you respond to him with familiarity, how touched will he feel! Thanks to the consolidated record you've saved on the CRM!

Ease of Servicing

You also get to know the history of servicing done to the customer and hence find it easier to do the follow-up service or repair when need pops.

Ease of rolling out discounts and offers

Got an offer for the special festival or offer or got a loyalty program? Keep your customers informed of it through mail, SMS or social media with the help of instant messaging on Facilities CRM. In one click, you send across the announcement to them.