SalesBoost CRM for Education industry caters to the managerial needs of Business Schools, Junior Colleges, Educational consulting/support services, Management institutes, Consultants for overseas education, Colleges, Higher education, coaching institutes, Universities, pre-schools, primary schools, and more. Our Education CRM helps you cut down on the efforts and man hours spent towards student admission which is a tedious, demanding process. It can substantially reduce the sales and marketing cost and boost student retention. With SalesBoost Education CRM, you can:

Effectively manage your leads

There will be no space for piled up enquiries, as you can automatically respond to ever lead that pops up. With our effective CRM tool for education business, you can instantly attend to queries, especially during peak season of admission.

Categorize multi-channel leads

The divergent leads generated through references from across regions for distinguished courses can all be streamlined and handled using our CRM software that’s handy and helpful. Reference and category based reports help providing clarity over the prospects.

Ease of marketing

Easily send SMS and email alerts to parents and students and inform them on latest updates, offers and information from time to time. When preset, more automation and bulk features are being developed for future use.

Staff data management

Staff related data from across the chain of institutes can be managed at a single destination. The CRM provides ease of access through laptop, tablet, smartphones, desktop, etc. so that you can reach out to your staff as and when needed.

Schedule with calendar

Store due dates, expiry dates, and more in the CRM custom fields and follow your prospects based on your due-dates set. Don’t miss out on anything important, as perfectionism and professionalism are inevitable in education industry.

Alumni Relations

Effectively maintain your relationship with alumni community. From graduation to employment, stay connected with your fellow students and enrich your relation.

Being user-friendly and self-descriptive are the other features that make Sales Boost Education CRM sought-after among businesses. As education industry requires constant monitoring and engagement even during odd hours of the day and throughout the year, the CRM software is sure to serve as your backbone.