A customer Service Business? That’s too obvious that such businesses will want their customers fully satisfied with constant communication and updates - here comes SalesBoost Customer Service CRM! The software tool helps you maintain a more personal relationship with your customers and improve productivity. Here is how we help:

Direct Customer Service

SalesBoost will act as a channel for the customers to connect with the service agent. There are many modes like social media, live chats, mail, phone call, messaging, etc. Businesses may also create Groups or Communities to discuss common problems and share ideas. As the software is accessible across devices, Customer Service CRM enables users to link the data to their contacts in the application and keep track of a detailed history.

Improved Customer Retention

You are guaranteed to grow your customer retention in leaps and bounds, as you constantly keep in touch with the customers and attend to their queries. Using the Customer Service CRM platform, it is absolutely convenient for you to serve them as and when needed, and ultimately be at their reach at any time round the clock. With a centralized information repository your team is capable of serving the customers, cross selling and up-selling products or services easily.

Collaborative Work Atmosphere

Customer service agents like call centres, BPOs and KPOs find the tool very helpful as they can interact among one another and share service documents and ideas. They collaborate and work in real-time in solving complex issues.

Knowledge Source

Companies may comprehensively create a consolidated list of Frequently Asked Queries and make it available for users across the platform. At times of highly critical or escalated cases, referring the list of FAQs can help. This will also guide newbies in understanding the work process and complex situations they may likely face in the course of job.

Analytics and Performance Assessment

The performance and work process of servicing agent can be tracked and the team's efficiency and effectiveness can be identified using detailed reports and analysis generated on Customer Service CRM. Based on the number of cases successfully attended and customer reviews/ratings received, specific agents can be rewarded and encouraged to take further strides. This will also inspire and motivate the fellow agents.